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Our Board Representation is | 88% Female | 63% LGBT


Nicole Williams a marketing engineer who is nationally known for her agency Set Life Images that birthed the first Urban Pride Festival in 2018 three-day/six event in Vegas & resources for the LGBTQ Community.  After only 4 months of planning the first festival, she received one of her most distinguished awards which was a Proclamation from the City of Las Vegas Mayor Carolyn G. Goodman, Declaring October 25th Set Life Images Day for bringing the "First Urban, Diverse and Heterosexual Pride Block Party of its kind to Las Vegas."  To date, Nicole has 7 Proclamations for her festival.  Vegas is Nicole’s hometown although she graduated from the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising in Los Angeles she also studied and cheered at UNLV.  She has over 15 years of experience producing and designing for some of the top corporations around the country. She has received numerous awards, national recognition, and media news spotlights throughout her career for the work she has done within the Las Vegas Community and nationally.

Board Associate - Las Vegas Pride 

Board of Director & Diversity Committee Member - Black Pride Network (InterPride & World Pride) 

Nevada Minorty Health & Equity Coalition - LGBTQ+ Member & Liasion

Jameson Fellowship Cohort C/O 2022



Born in Chicago Il, Ebony relocted to Las Vegas, Nv as a child with her family. As a youth Ebony participated in dance teams for her high school, and in her Senior year she found her love for business from a marketing class she took as an elective. She decided this was her path, and as a freshman in college declared business marketing as her major. During her freshmen year she took on a club promoter job with Study Hall Entertainment where she promoted celebrity events for 5 years. 

After college Ebony began climbing the corporate latter working for Chase bank corporate headquaters in San Antonio Texas as a Fraud Analyst and Compliance officer. Due to unforeseen health issues with her family members back in Vegas, Ebony placed her coporate career on hold and moved back to Vegas in 2018 to help take care of her family.  Here she decided to get back into promoting. She also received her Real Estate license in 2020 and decided to take on entreprenuership as a way to make ends meet for not only her but her family.  She sold het first home in 2021 in her first year of having her license which many say is a extremely difficult task. For the last 5 years Ebony has promoted for numerous events for the House of Vegas Pride and become a pillar in the Lgbtq community as a Leader, activist, and mentor. 


 All of this has been done while trying to run a successful business and take on new passions such as phototgraphy. In 2023 her photos were published in Las Vegas Pride Magazine. Also she was voted on to the board by her peers as the vice president for Social Influence Foundation. She is an advocate for the rights of the LGBTQ+ community and extremely honored to have this responsibility bestowed upon her. 


Trachelle Wynn is the Accounting Financial Officer for a HOA Management Company in Las Vegas, NV. In that role,Trachelle leads the fiscal decision making for all 63 HOA corporate entities. She provides strategic financial input to the CEO to help lead the company, oversees the overall accounting process within the finance department, and plays a key role in developing and implementing financial procedures to improve the overall financial health of the organization, while stewarding the organization’s financial resources and ensuring fiscal responsibility. She has served in the nonprofit sector for over 26 years. She spent several years with Canaan Place Adoption Council in the Bay Area as the Director of Finance, on the board of the Clark County Medical Society Alliance and most recently served for three years as the Treasurer for the Social Influence Foundation. She oversees all aspects of the foundation’s finances, including the development and management of budgets, preparation of financial statements. This implementation led to quicker and more accurate financial information for the team to analyze. This in turn helped to make accurate financial decisions for the organization. Trachelle is a driven financial professional who is able to see the details and to transform those details into effective strategic plans for the organization. She an excellent communicator. Has strong leadership skills, a problem-solver. A true visionary strategic thinker who demonstrates honesty and integrity. She had a vision for the future of the company and works alongside the CEO to develop a long-term strategy that aligns with the foundation’s goals. They are skilled in forecasting future financial trends and making informed decisions that will drive the foundations growth. Trachelle is mother of three smart and beautiful children, ages 26, 33, and 35. In her free time, over seeing her business, health and wellness, watching sports and socializing with her family, and close friends.


1978-1985 Air Force Veteran
Payroll and deployment processor
1988-2018 Retired from Clark County
HR Professional: Assigned to Public Works and Water Reclamation District
Processed payroll, disciplinary, terminations and benefits
1992-1993 Member of Toastmasters Club: prepared and presented speeches
1992-1993 Sat on Clark County Small Business Council
2022- Secretary for Social Influence Foundation


Rasheedah "Undi" Ladd is a business consultant and dedicated advocate for social justice and empowerment for Black youth and LGBTQ+ communities. With over two decades of experience in marketing and business consulting, Undi channels her passion for making a positive impact into her philanthropic endeavors.

As the Principal Consultant of Applied Energy & Environmental Solutions, LLC (AEES, LLC), Rasheedah leverages her expertise to provide audit and assurance services, as well as staff training, to regulated companies globally. Her extensive background in corporate internal auditing and compliance within the energy sector positions her as a trusted advisor in navigating industry regulations and best practices.

Rasheedah's philanthropic journey is rooted in her passion for supporting nonprofit organizations. Through her business development group, she actively provides digital marketing solutions and grants to nonprofits, enabling them to amplify their impact and reach within communities. Her strategic approach to philanthropy not only empowers nonprofits but also fosters sustainable growth within communities.

Outside of her professional endeavors, Undi is an Honorary Founder of Alpha Lambda Zeta Fraternity, Inc., a national professional service fraternity for masculine-identifying lesbians. Through this organization, she works to promote positive images of the LGBTQ+ community through service and political action.

Undi's dedication to philanthropy is driven by her belief in creating a more equitable society, guided by her personal values and principles. By leveraging her expertise and resources, she seeks to amplify the voices and experiences of marginalized groups, paving the way for a more inclusive and vibrant future for all.



Retired Army of 26 years - Personal and Finance

TSA-McCarran Airport - Baggage and personnel screener

HR Block - Office Manager

Casino - Dealer, Supervisor and manager

Business that I own: Travel Agency and Wedding Officiant

Associate Degree from Vincennes University

Member of HOVP going on 3 yrs

Charlie Mac_BODPhoto.jpg


MAC A MILLION DOLLAR MAN MUSICK was founded in 2004, and with over 43k placements, has successfully placed music in TV shows behind stars such as, Oprah Winfrey, Barack Obama, Kimora Lee Simmons, Usher, 50 Cent, Katy Perry, Ludacris, T-Pain, Q-Tip, Common, Chris Brown, Rihanna, Redman, Deion Sanders, BOW WOW, Flo Rida, Mike Jones, Michael Rapaport, T- Boz, Regis Philbin, Gucci Mane, Keyshia Ka'oir, Mya, The Jacksons, Remy Ma, Papoose, Brooke Hogan, Tony Danza, Cam'ron, Tom Arnold, Rick Ross, Tim Westwood, The Cool Kids, Katie Price, David Rockwell, Ashley Tisdale, Fat Joe, Michael Gudinski, Luther Campbell, Gene Simmons, Dr. Drew, Niecy Nash, Mos Def, Eddie Griffin, Mack 10, Troy Polamalu, Samantha Brown, Steven Seagal, Donald Faison, Joe Zee, Kim Kardshian, Trey Songz, D Woods, Robert De Niro, Eminem, Carmelo Anthony, Angela, & Vanessa Simmons, John Goodman, XZIBIT, and Ron Artest, (Metta World Peace).

The company has secured significant placements in the international markets as well, in countries such as; Canada, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Switzerland, Sweden, Germany, France, Yugoslavia, Brazil, Mexico, Trinidad, Tobago, Barbados, Panama, Chile, Italy, Cyprus, Greece, Israel, Netherlands, UK, USA, Antigua, South Africa, Africa, Kenya, Bosnia, Herzegovina, Spain, Portugal, Norway, Ireland, India, Faroe Islands, Greenland, Finland, Iceland, Estonia, Latvia, Indonesia, Lithuania, Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Yugoslavia, Russian Federation, Belarus, Romania, Czech Republic, Poland, Finland, Denmark, Malaysia, United Arab Emirates, Japan, China, Hong Kong, Singapore, other parts of China, as well as other Middle Eastern, and Asian countries.

While being mainly a Hip Hop based publishing company, MAC A MILLION DOLLAR MAN MUSICK continues to sign many new artists, from virtually every conceivable genre, including Rock, Country, Pop, R&B, Jazz, and Classical. We have also helped to secure some outstanding deals for our artist with companies like; Microsoft, Apple, Youtube, Amazon, Mercedes Benz, Ford, Omnifone, Yamaha, Denizen, Harris Publications, KING, XXL, Rides, 0-60, Antenna, EPIC, Oxygen, Nexus Entertainment, BILLIONAIRE MAFIA, Viacom, Discovery Networks, A&E Networks, RL Corp, MTV ITALIA, Atlantic Records, Cartoon Network, Lifetime, Black Noise Media, Fitness IQ, Nestle, Billion Dollar Baby Online, Subway, FOX, Dogcatchers Foundation, Verizon, Sprint, Boost Mobile, BET, Thumbplay, KLM/Sony, Rosenklang, MTV International, Makaveli Music Group, and hundreds of low budget independent projects!

With over a half billion units sold, downloaded, and streamed, and over 43k placements, our entire catalog is being licensed and distributed, in over 50 countries, through nearly 500 companies and services like; Spotify, eMusic, Google Play, AT&T, LastFM, Sprint, Xbox Music, MSN, Verizon, Myspace Music, iTunes, Amazon, 7 Digital, iHeartRadio, MTV, Yahoo!, Virgin, Omnifone, Rhapsody, Youtube and so many more. Part of the catalog he represents is included in the Discovery music Network, and being used in Discovery Network television shows. The catalog is also used as background music in stores, and as on hold music for outlets like Department Stores, Fashion Retail Outlets, Restaurants, airlines, Hotels & Casinos, Super Markets & Grocery stores, Sporting Goods stores, Health & Fitness stores, Gyms, and so many more.



I am a dedicated and enthusiastic business professional with more than 25 years of experience in sales and customer service.  Throughout my career, I have refined my abilities in cultivating strong client relationships and delivering outstanding customer service. 

I thrive on collaborating to benefit those around me.  As the owner of the innovative fashion brand, Tag'd Up Apparel, and CEO of M2LH - an organization focused on advocacy, professional growth, and community progress - I am dedicated to various community causes including political and community-based initiatives. 

In my personal life, I cherish spending quality time with my family, friends, and my wonderful partner, Avion.  I have a passion for animals and things entertaining.  Amusement parks, sports, and collecting sneakers bring me joy. 



4262 Blue Diamond Road Ste. 361-102

Las Vegas, NV 89139

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